Sober Hike Rave 2024

Looking to party in a safe and sober environment? If so, we know just the event for you!

The Party Scientist is hosting the 5th annual Summer Hike Rave on Friday, July 12th at a location that is being kept a secret until the day of the event.

“I’ve been leading hike raves since 2017 and they always fill me up. I like to call hike raving the greatest natural antidepressant known to humankind,” says The Party Scientist on Facebook.

The event combines nature, dancing, and games in a fun environment for everyone to enjoy!

Those interested in participating can reserve a spot through a WhatsApp Group set up for the event. Hikers who get to attend will be selected by a lottery system.

The secret location will be accessible via public transit and the event is slated to start at 8pm.

Sober Hike Rave

Address: Secret until the day of the event
Date: July 12, 2024
Time: 8pm

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Jul 12 2024


8:00 pm
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