Online fundraiser identifies young victim of tragic crash involving Uber on Highway 1

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An online fundraiser has identified the young victim killed in a tragic crash involving an Uber on Highway 1 on February 18th.

Jenna and three other friends were passengers in an Uber that had stopped on the side of the highway near the Sprott Street off-ramp when it was struck by an SUV at around 3:45am.

Lawren Caponero, a close friend and coworker of Bonnie, Jenna’s mom, has started a GoFundMe page to help her family during this difficult time.

“It is with so much sadness that I have set up this gofundme to help support Bonnie and her family,” reads the GoFundMe page.

“Jenna, 20 years old, who was filled with so much ambition, kindness and love for others was in a fatal car accident.”

Lawren says she set up the GoFundMe page to help cover funeral costs and “all the things that go along with saying goodbye to sweet Jenna”.

“We ask for your support for Bonnie and her family at this terrible time. This is every Mother’s worst nightmare and I want to lessen any burden we can for her in the coming days.”

As of Sunday afternoon, the fundraiser has raised more than $23,000.


Jennifer Miller, whose daughter was injured in the crash, launched a seperate GoFundMe page to support her daughter and her friends who are absolutely devastated as they continue to recover.

Miller says they were “out for a night on the town” for one of their birthdays and were taking an Uber back home.

“She lost one of her best friends and the other two are struggling to live. These girls were “good” kids,” posted Jennifer Miller on the GoFundMe page.

“They were out for a night on the town for one of their 21 birthdays and took an Uber home. They never made it.”

The money raised from Miller’s fundraiser will help support her daughter’s friends during this difficult time.

“The girls had plans of moving in together just to afford rent, going to college in Vancouver, the had goals, dreams….. and now they are going to have to learn a new reality.”

“While they are fighting to survive they all have car payments, insurance, phone bills, etc. I would pay it all if I was financially able to but I am just not there. My daughter is alive, but unable to work.”

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