Vancouver restaurant closes temporarily after allowing “guests to dance” on NYE

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After allowing “guests to dance” on New Year’s Eve, a Vancouver restaurant announced they are being forced to close for three days. Tocador bar and restaurant, located at 2610 Main Street, was closed today and will remain closed until February 27th.

The reason? Guests were caught dancing.

“We were written up for allowing our guests to dance and for being over capacity by about 20 people,” said Tocador in an Instagram post.

“We were letting the inspectors out our door as the NYE count down was being done. We were then called to attend a disciplinary meeting with the city”.


After the meeting, Tocador says the city “decided to suspend our license” for “3 days on dates of their choice”. This was the establishment’s only offence in the six years they’ve been operating.

“They gave us this decision two days before our 40K COVID loans had to legally be paid back,” added Tocador.

It’s clear that Tocador completely disagrees with the city’s decision.

“We are incredibly disappointed with the government’s decision and lack of empathy for restaurants and small businesses. It really comes across like they don’t understand how serious the crisis is for restaurants right now.”

The post goes on to outline the strict rules restaurants in Vancouver operate within.

“When we speak with the general public most people are unaware that it’s illegal to dance in restaurants in Vancouver. This is just one of the many rules restaurants are given.”


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People on social media quickly voiced their displeasure about Tocador being forced to close temporarily.

“Why the hell is it illegal for people to dance in restaurants? It makes no sense! Sorry to hear all this,” said one user.

“People dancing and having fun? Not in this city. Small business that needs to stay open to stay afloat? Not in this city,” said another user.

Anywhere Vancouver has reached out to the City of Vancouver for more details.

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